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The Difference Between Cold Oil Pump And Hot Oil Pump
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1, the model of the heat pump generally with the letter R, Cold oil pump with the letter J said.

2, the heat pump mouth ring clearance is larger, cooling pump smaller.

3, the heat pump pump body uses the vertical section type, and the cold pump's pump body uses the horizontal opening type, some heat pump has prevents the pump Body Center line movement the structure.

4, the general heat pump sealing mechanism are sealed oil, and cold oil pump is not.

5, the use of hot oil pump carbon steel, alloy steel, while the cold pump can be used cast iron.

6, the heat pump bearings, bearing boxes, packing box mechanical seals need to use water cooling, and cold pumps can not be used.

7, hot oil pump before the need to preheat, and cold pump with, then cold pump is not necessary. 

8, the use of temperature 200 degrees Celsius below for the cold oil pump, 200 degrees Celsius and above for the hot oil pump.

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