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MOP Precautions
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. In order to prolong the efficiency of mop, it is best to remove hair and dust before mopping.

2, mop the direction as far as possible along the floor of the grain, it is easy to remove dirt, to achieve clean effect.

3, cleaning mop best to flow water to rinse will be cleaner, if there is the habit of using floor cleaners, dirty mop can be under the faucet to wash dirt first, and then put in a bucket of detergent to wet, and then twist dry mop.

4, pay attention to the use of various types of mop, using the method to improve the efficiency of the mop, for example, some of the cotton mop before use to soak water before use. 5, the use of mop wood flooring, try not to use a mop with high moisture content, such as rubber cotton mop. Because of the wood floor surface with capillary pores, easy to absorb moisture, and resulting in fragile floor deformation, shorten the life span.