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Brief introduction of oil pump machine
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Plunger and plunger sleeve is a very sophisticated processing of matching pieces. The plunger body has a tilted groove, the plunger sleeve has a small hole called the suction mouth, this suction entrance is full of diesel, when the plunger inclined groove to suction inlet, diesel into the plunger sleeve, plunger by the camshaft top to a certain height, the plunger chute and suction inlet staggered, suction entrance is closed, so that diesel can neither inhale nor be pressed out, When the plunger continues to rise, the diesel pressure will be pressed to a certain extent to open a one-way valve into the nozzle, and then from the nozzle into the cylinder combustion chamber. Plunger every time a certain amount of diesel, only part of the injection into the cylinder, the rest from the return to the oil hole, and the use of increase or decrease the amount of oil back to adjust the amount of fuel injection.